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January, 2013

Building real time applications for any client with Azure Mobile Services & Pusher

Because ZUMO can cater ANY client!

Azure Mobile Services is definitely one of the coolest technologies in the Azure family. One of the issues however, has been that it only has client libraries for Windows 8, iOS and Android, making it a bit more difficult for developers targeting other platforms (also web browsers!) to take advantage of its capabilities.

A while ago, I blogged about how to work around that – by using ZUMO REST API. However, you still didn’t have access to one of the nicest features of ZUMO for mobile devices – and that is push notifications. That changed recently, when ZUMO announced a partnership with Pusher, to provide push notifications for virtually any client.

Additionally, the team recently released another cool feature – scheduled tasks (cron jobs). Let’s see how you can use it all together to quickly build a realtime service.

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March, 2012

Build Facebook style infinite scroll with knockout.js and API

Because with knockout.js, you shall fear UI no more

I’m convinced that most of us web developers often have to struggle with some sophisticated Javascript driven UI that tend to get out hand with their complexity, dependencies and relationships.

With that in mind, I wanted to show you an example of a knockout.js code in action.

Since knockout.js is one of the most amazing and innovative pieces of front-end code I have seen in recent years, I hope this is going to help you a bit in your everday battles. In conjuction with Last.FM API, we are going to create an infinitely scrollable history of your music records – just like the infinite scroll used on Facebook or on Twitter.

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