Monthly Archives: May 2013

Retrieving the client’s IP address in ASP.NET Web API

One of the common tasks, for logging or authorization purposes, is to obtain the IP address of the client accessing your Web API.

There are different ways to achieve this depending on whether you are web hosting (through HttpContext) or whether you are self hosting (through WCF’s RemoteEndpointMessageProperty).

To avoid the redundant code, we can unify those approaches under a single extension method, which you can use across all your projects.

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scriptcs and using Azure Mobile Services from your scripts

Hopefully by now you have already heard about the sriptcs project, which allows you to write script based applications with C# and Nuget.

If not, have a look at the readme and the great introduction post by Scott Hanselman to get started.

Actually, just today, we have released v.0.4 of scriptcs! To celebrate that, let’s revisit one of our favorite topics – Azure Mobile Services – and how you can use it with scriptcs.

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The future is now – OWIN and multi-hosting ASP.NET web applications

As you probably know, the ASP.NET team is publishing the latest ASP.NET Web API on a nightly MyGet feed, and you can grab them from there and play with the latest stuff without having to deal with all the hassle related to building from the source.

The same applies to Katana, a Microsoft generic Owin host, which also has its own MyGet nightly feed.

Let’s glimpse into the near future and have a look at putting the latest Katana bits to play with ASP.NET Web API and other frameworks.

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