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IHttpActionResult – new way of creating responses in ASP.NET Web API 2

In the first version of Web API, you had two ways of creating response from an API action. Either return a specific object instance (or void) and let the Web API pipeline convert that to an HttpResponseMessage for you, or return a raw HttpResponseMessage. In that case, you had to construct it manually, and you bypassed all of the internal Web API mechanisms (formatters, content negotiation).

Now in Web API 2 (which was just released in beta) we get a third option, which is IHttpActionResult. It’s very simple, yet extremely powerful – so let’s explore it in this blog post.

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Overriding filters in ASP.NET Web API vNext

One of the more annoying issues in the current version of ASP.NET Web API, is that it’s very difficult to override global/controller scoped filters at action level.

Perhaps you may have logging functionality or authorization filters, that you want to apply globally, and only exclude certain actions from participating in this process.

This problem is remedied in Web API vNext (version 5), and you can try that out with nightly builds.

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Supporting only JSON in ASP.NET Web API – the right way

Sometimes (or perhaps, quite often?) you only need to support JSON in your ASP.NET Web API. In these cases, the ability of Web API pipeline to facilitate various media types is of no value for you – and you probably do not care at all about content negotiation.

In such situations it is often suggested to remove other media type formatters and only leave JsonMediaTypeFormatter. In fact, the author of this blog has earned almost 20 StackOverflow points for this type of suggestion.

However, there is even better way to solve this problem, and you’ll love it if you are into micro-optimizations.

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