Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dynamic per-controller HttpConfiguration in ASP.NET Web API

Recently I faced an interesting problem, where we needed to provide controllers with controller-specific configuration – but based on settings only known at runtime.

In Web API, per-controller configuration is a very useful, yet little known feature (aside from a great blog post by Mike Stall), as it allows you to create configuration profiles and assign them to specific controllers.

However it is only supported statically – through attributes, so it cannot be altered at runtime. Let’s have a look at how you might be able to hack away at it.

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Adding high performance Windows Azure Cache Service to your ASP.NET Web API

Microsoft has recently announced the preview release of Windows Azure Cache Service – intended to allow you to easily deploy high performance, dedicated, distributed cache for your applications.

You can read more about the feature (and it does seem really awesome at first glance), in the thorough announcement post by Scott Guthrie.

Let’s look at how you can leverage this powerful service from ASP.NET Web API.

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