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Over 100 ASP.NET Web API samples

As you might now by now, last month my ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes book was released by Apress. The book contains over 100 recipes covering various Web API scenarios that aim to help you save some headaches when working on your current or next Web API project.

Each of the recipes has got an accompanying Visual Studio solution, which illustrates the given problem and presents a solution in a simple, isolated manner.

Obviously, it would be great if you went ahead and bought a book (then you would get an in-depth analysis of each case), but the source code itself is available for free at Github and as a download from Apress.

I hope it becomes a useful collection, illustrating how to deal with various Web API problems/scenarios.

Please note that some of the early examples might appear simple or even trivial – that’s the case with introductory recipes, where the gist of the matter is discussed in the book itself.

I have seen in some StackOverflow questions that the examples on Github have already helped a couple of folks, which is fantastic. You can find a summary of the samples below – they are structured in the book and in the repository the same way.

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Things you didn’t know about action return types in ASP.NET Web API

When you are developing an ASP.NET Web API application, you can chose whether you want to return a POCO from your action, which can be any type that will then be serialized, an instance of HttpResponseMessage, or, since Web API 2, an instance of IHttpActionResult.

Let’s have a look at what really happens under the hood afterwards, and discuss some of the things about the response pipeline that you might have not known before.

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