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Strongly typed configuration in ASP.NET Core without IOptions<T>

There are several great resources on the Internet about using the new Configuration and Options framework of ASP.NET Core – like this comprehensive post by Rick Strahl.

Using strongly typed configuration is without a question a great convenience and productivity boost for the developers; but what I wanted to show you today is how to bind IConfiguration directly to your POCO object – so that you can inject it directly into the dependent classes without wrapping into IOptions.

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[Controller] and [NonController] attributes in ASP.NET Core MVC

One of the late additions before the RTM release of ASP.NET Core MVC was the introduction of the [Controller] attribute, and its counterpart, [NonController], which were added in RC2.

Together, they allow you to more specifically control which classes should be considered by the framework to be controllers (or controller candidates) and which shouldn’t. They also help you avoid the nasty hacks we needed to do in i.e. ASP.NET Web API to opt out from the “Controller” suffix in the name.

Let’s have a look.

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Building Analyzers & Refactoring Tools with Roslyn (from NDC Sydney)

Last month I was at the excellent NDC Sydney conference, where I did a talk about building code analyzers and refactoring tools with Roslyn. Below you can find the the video, code and slides from the session.

Thanks to everyone who attended – I had great fun, and I was even mugged by a kangaroo afterwards.


You can watch the talk on Vimeo. And if you are wondering, yes, my t-shirt says “#ENDREGIONS”.


Just go to this URL. Slides are powered by the almighty FsReveal – they are HTML that was generated from Markdown, because you know, it’s 2016, so we must have build scripts for our slides these days 🙂


All the demo code is hosted at Github.