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ASP.NET Web API and dependencies in request scope

Regardless of what types of applications you are building with Web API, sooner or later you will run into a situation where you need to scope certain dependencies to the lifetime of a web request.

Examples of these types of in request scope dependencies could be loggers, unit of work implementations, NHibernate session, RavenDB session, Mindscape Lightspeed UnitOfWork or many other. Fortunately, this is very easy to do with Web API and an IoC container.

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Using Ninject with the latest ASP.NET Web API source

After ASP.NET Web API was beta-released in February, a number of blog posts came out explaining how to plug Ninject (and other IoC-s, for that matter) to your application through the use of the IDependencyResolver adapter. There was even a NuGet Ninject extension for that (here).

However, these approaches don’t work anymore if you are using the latest ASP.NET Web API (and release candidate) – either from Codeplex source or nightly build packages.

Let’s explore why is that and what you need to do now to be able to use Ninject with ASP.NET Web API.

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