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Ignoring routes in ASP.NET Web API

If you use centralized routing, it is occasionally needed to ignore a greedy Web API route so that the request can be processed by some other component or handler.

One of the tiny overlooked features of Web API 2.1 was that it finally shipped with a cross-host way to ignore routes. It’s not too exciting, as it’s something that’s been in MVC for ages, but it’s nice to finally have an easy way to do it in Web API.

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OWIN/Katana in-memory integration testing

A while ago we looked at testing the ASP.NET Web API pipeline using its in-memory hosting capabilities.

The advantages of such approach to end-to-end testing are unquestionable.

Now, with the emergence of OWIN as the primary hosting option for a wide array of web frameworks, it makes sense to explore how you could to the same, except in the OWIN (or rather Katana, since all the things shown here are Katana specific) context – so not just against Web API, but against any framework of your choice (running on top of OWIN & Katana).

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Owin middleware, ASP.NET Web API and client’s IP address

Not so long ago, we discussed on this blog the possible ways of retrieving the client’s IP address in ASP.NET Web API.

With the latest changes in the Web API 2 infrastructure, and the emergence of Owin and the Katana project as the common glue between the underlying host and the web framework(s) running on it, it’s becoming natural to move these types of application-wide concerns (security, logging etc) to Owin middleware.

Let’s have a look at how you could – as an introductory example – obtain client’s IP address at the Owin middleware level, and why is it beneficial.

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The future is now – OWIN and multi-hosting ASP.NET web applications

As you probably know, the ASP.NET team is publishing the latest ASP.NET Web API on a nightly MyGet feed, and you can grab them from there and play with the latest stuff without having to deal with all the hassle related to building from the source.

The same applies to Katana, a Microsoft generic Owin host, which also has its own MyGet nightly feed.

Let’s glimpse into the near future and have a look at putting the latest Katana bits to play with ASP.NET Web API and other frameworks.

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Running ASP.NET Web API with OWIN and Katana

One of the often repeated, and frankly, somewhat unfair, arguments against using .NET based technologies is that by doing so, you handcuff yourself to all kinds of various Microsoft tools and products.

If you choose to use ASP.NET Web API, by no means you are tied to IIS. Of course, one of the options is to self host it (and run the web service using the hardened WCF core), but if you want a true web host flexibility and independence, you can very easily host Web API using OWIN and Katana.

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