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Building Spotify remote control service with ASP.NET Web API and SignalR

I have just published a new article over at my friends from (who have revamped their site this week too, and it looks awesome!). It’s my third one there, and once again we look at utilizing ASP.NET Web API, SignalR and bits of Knockout.JS.

This time, however, it’s all single-user, as we will try to create a service that would allow you to remote control your Spotify client over HTTP. This, I believe, is quite unique, and hopefully it will highlight an interesting use case for this technology stack. As you usually, the source code is on GitHub.

Head over to to read the tutorial, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The future is now – OWIN and multi-hosting ASP.NET web applications

As you probably know, the ASP.NET team is publishing the latest ASP.NET Web API on a nightly MyGet feed, and you can grab them from there and play with the latest stuff without having to deal with all the hassle related to building from the source.

The same applies to Katana, a Microsoft generic Owin host, which also has its own MyGet nightly feed.

Let’s glimpse into the near future and have a look at putting the latest Katana bits to play with ASP.NET Web API and other frameworks.

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Collaborative route planner with SignalR, Knockout.js and Google Maps

Today I have published a new article over at my friends from This time, we continue on the topic of SignalR & Knockout.js, and look at implementing a real-time collaborative route planner with the use of Google Maps API. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

These libraries, really make a lot the development tasks feel like true magic!

As you usually, the source code is on GitHub.

Head over to to read the tutorial!

SignalR, ActionFilters and ASP.NET Web API

There have been quite a few examples circulating on the web on how one would use SignalR together with Web API. It all started after Brad Wilson had a great example on calling SignalR from API controllers at NDC Oslo 2012.

Even on this blog we looked at calling SignalR from Web API ITraceWriter to provide realtime tracing capabilities.

How about, to avoid any controller-level noise, messaging the connected SignalR subscribers from ActionFilters? While this approach might not be applicable in all scenarios, when it is, I think it could provide a nice layer of separation.

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Realtime ASP.NET Web API tracing with SignalR

The latest ASP.NET Fall Update, released recently, introduced the Web API tracing package into the Web API core. It is the default implementation of ITraceWriter, built around the System.Diagnostics, allowing you to easily trace what’s going on inside your API and output that into the debugger’s console.

On this very blog, we discussed a similar approach a couple of months ago already, by building an NLog powered trace writer for your Web API.

Today, let’s take all this a step further, and build something much more exciting – a realtime Web API trace, powered by SignalR.

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