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Drag and drop files to WPF application and asynchronously upload to ASP.NET Web API

A while ago, I wrote a post on uploading files to ASP.NET Web API by dragging and dropping them to the browser. Today I will continue with the same topic, but instead, let’s build a WPF application to which you can drag and drop files, and they’ll get uploaded to ASP.NET Web API.

The important thing, is that we will use the *exact* same Web API upload controller as before, meaning the same controller will be handling uploads from the browser and from the client (WPF) application. The client will use the new HttpClient and it’s client-side DelegatingHandlers.

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Build p2p chat application with WPF and ASP.NET Web API

Recently I’ve been really enjoying myself with ASP.NET Web API. It is a tremendous beast, and with it’s self-hosting capabilities, it’s suitable as an HTTP-channeled-communication not only for ASP.NET websites, but also for any other .NET applications. In this post, I’m gonna try to show you the outcome of my weekend mash up – a peer-to-peer WPF chat application (clients connect directly to each other), fueled by ASP.NET Web API.

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