Output Caching in ASP.NET Web API 2

A while ago I released a little library for Web API caching – called CacheOutput.

With the release of Web API 2, some things change (obviously the Web API core gets a bump to 5.0) so the library required a new release. I have decided to take a page out of the book of my friends over at Autofac, and do not release over the old Nuget package, but instead release a new one specifically for Web API 2.

If you are in need of caching for Web API 2, you should use the package called Strathweb.CacheOutput.WebApi2


It’s available on Nuget since 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to blog about it 🙂

So, for Web API 2 (.NET 4.5) use:

For Web API 1 (.NET 4.0), you can still use the old one:

Main reason to do it like that is to avoid the hassle of binding redirects and all that. Also, a lot of people still use Web API 1 so I think it’s clean like this – I really like this approacch in i.e. Autofac.

All the documentation over at Github is still valid, and both versions are hosted there.