Migrating from Web API 2 to MVC 6 at NDC Oslo

Screenshot 2015-07-09 11.59.00Last month I gave a talk about migrating from Web API to MVC 6 and ASP.NET 5 at NDC Oslo.

Below you can find the the video, code and slides from the session.

Thanks for all who attended, I had a great time in Oslo! Hopefully we get to revisit this session soon too, when ASP.NET 5 becomes a bit more mature.


You can watch the talk on Vimeo.
And if you are wondering, yes I’m wearing a Bayern Munich jersey on stage :)


All the code is hosted at Gtihub. It contains the Web API 2 project, the MVC 6 “before” and the MVC 6 “after” version. It’s built using beta6 nightlies so you’ll need to install those to run the code.


Just go to this URL. Slides are also contained in the Github repository – powered by the almighty FsReveal.
Mind you this talk is all about code so there aren’t many slides anyway.

  • Maciej Hanajczyk

    Hi Filip,
    this is definetly an important video that will help WebAPI developers survive the new MVC 6 ideas.

    It seems scary and messy at first impression.
    I’m just wondering is it worth it?
    It looks like many cool features that developers had out of the box in WebAPI 2 are now hidden/renamed/merged with MVC…so what’s the benefit of all this new approach for WebAPI developers.

    I think a pros and cons comparison table would be very handy for people that would like to have thier own opinions about all of this new concepts.

    • http://www.strathweb.com/ Filip W

      there are a lot of great features in ASP.NET 5, starting from the project.json and how easy and clean it is to manage the projects
      But the biggest upside is if you want to use CoreCLR – then you get all the benefits related to it – bin deployable runtime, self contained applications, runtime that can be composed from packages (“pay as you go” model).

  • Nguyen Quy Hy

    Do you have any suggestion on parameter binding in MVC6?