Announcing WebApiContrib for ASP.NET Core

In the past, a bunch of us from the ASP.NET Web API community worked together on a WebApiContrib project (or really, projects, cause there were many of them!).

The idea was to provide an easy to use platform, a one stop place for community contributions for ASP.NET Web API – both larger add ons, such as HTML/Razor support for Web API, as well as smaller things like i.e. reusable filters or even helper methods. This worked extremely well – WebApiContrib packages were downloaded over 500k times on Nuget, and a nice community has emerged around the project on Github.

Recently, we decided to restart the project, this time focusing on ASP.NET Core. Since the “brand” has caught on in the community and is fairly recognizable, we just called it WebApiContrib.Core.

There is already a bunch of things there:

  • Main package containing smaller features
  • BSON formatter
  • CSV formatter
  • JSONP formatter
  • PlainText formatter
  • Markdown tag helper
  • WebPages functionality (Razor pages without controllers!)
  • Conditional requests support based on RFC-7232

And it’s growing quickly. Several things that I blogged about on this blog – i.e. GlobalRoutePrefixConvention, FromBodyApplicationModelConvention or OverridableFilterProvider, are also there. There are packages pushed to Nuget already too, built against .NET Core RTM already.

It would be wonderful if you would like to participate in this community effort – I am sure almost everyone working on ASP.NET Core would have something interesting to contribute.

If you would like to join the conversation, you can use this link to join the slack channel. The repo is located here on Github.


  • Sławomir Bryś

    Markdown… yeah! This is what I’m looking for :)

  • Matthew Blott

    This looks like an interesting project. I hadn’t heard of WebApiContrib to be honest but I’m currently looking at writing an API with .NET Core for an order processing system and this looks like a good fit. I had a look at your website and couldn’t find any documentation though, even for the older stuff. It isn’t entirely clear to me what the formatters are for – are these to allow you to return data in a particular format? That is, if I send an HTTP Get request and the return value uses a Markdown formatter then I get the response in Markdown?

  • John Callaway

    Saw this on the ASP.NET Community Standup. Good stuff!