Building Analyzers & Refactoring Tools with Roslyn (from NDC Sydney)

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Last month I was at the excellent NDC Sydney conference, where I did a talk about building code analyzers and refactoring tools with Roslyn. Below you can find the the video, code and slides from the session.

Thanks to everyone who attended - I had great fun, and I was even mugged by a kangaroo afterwards.

Video πŸ”—

You can watch the talk on Vimeo. And if you are wondering, yes, my t-shirt says “#ENDREGIONS”.

Slides πŸ”—

Just go to this URL. Slides are powered by the almighty FsReveal - they are HTML that was generated from Markdown, because you know, it’s 2016, so we must have build scripts for our slides these days πŸ™‚

Code πŸ”—

All the demo code is hosted at Github</>.


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