dotnet-script now available as .NET Core SDK 2.1 global tool

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Yesterday we released version 0.20.0 of dotnet-script - a command line tool that allows you to run C# scripts (.csx) in the .NET Core runtime.

The highlight of this release is that it is now avaialble as .NET Core SDK 2.1 global tool, which provides an excellent acquisition/installation story directly from nuget.

Using dotnet-script as global tool 🔗

In order to take advantage of the global tool funcitonality in .NET SDK you must be at least on version .NET Core SDK 2.1.300-preview1.

Once that’s available on your machine, you can install dotnet-script:

``` dotnet install tool -g dotnet-script ```

After installation completes (it would pull the package from Nuget), you can start using it straight away (no need to restart the terminal):

``` dotnet-script ```


dotnet script <args>

The nice thing about this, is that it is a truly cross platform installation flow too, which means you will no longer have to bootstrap differently for Windows and for Unix systems.

Of course if you want to learn more about dotnet-script, or would like to help with development, please visit us on Github.

Happy C# scripting!


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