dotnet-script 1.0.0 released – with support for .NET 5.0 and C# 9

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To celebrate the release of .NET 5.0, which happened yesterday, we are happy to announce the release of dotnet-script - with support for .NET 5.0 and C# 9.

In addition to that, we have decided that after such a long time since we started this project off, and a rather stable public API, it is high time to celebrate this .NET 5.0 release by additionally moving dotnet-script to version 1.0.0.

Installation πŸ”—

The installation command is the same as in previous versions - you can get ahold of dotnet-script by running the dotnet tool installation:

dotnet tool install dotnet-script -g

For existing users, the update command is relevant:

dotnet tool update dotnet-script -g

If you are using some of the dotnet-script libraries in your projects, those are, obviously, also available on Nuget.

You can find the release notes for 1.0.0 here. Due to some last second (zero day release!) unforeseen compatibility issues, we ended up quickly releasing 1.0.1 with some small tweaks already as well.

The main purpose of the release is to give you a tool that is fully compatible with the 5.0 SDK already and - naturally - to enable C# 9 support! For example, the following script using C# records is now valid:

var c = new Contact("filip");
Console.WriteLine("Hello {c.Name}");

public record Contact(string Name);

This applies to both scripting mode and the interactive shell.

Editor support and older .NET Core versions support πŸ”—

With regards to OmniSharp support, and in general for support for .NET 5.0 runtime for dotnet-script in C# Extension for VS Code, I have just opened the relevant PR in the OmniSharp repository, and it should ship in the next release of Omnisharp.

For the time being, we are still supporting the LTS versions of .NET Core - .NET Core 2.1 and .NET Core 3.1. dotnet-script is currently cross-compiled for these two runtimes, as well as, naturally, for .NET 5.0.



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