dotnet-script 1.3 is out with .NET 6.0 support

Last week we released version 1.3 of dotnet-script. The latest release introduces support for .NET 6.0 and C# 10 and is available, as usually, through Github releases and on Nuget. You will need to have at least the .NET SDK 6.0.100 installed.

The related language services in OmniSharp (e.g. C# extension for VS Code) have already been updated accordingly a while ago.


The installation command is the same as always – you can get ahold of dotnet-script by running the dotnet tool installation:

For existing users, the update command is relevant:

If, after the upgrade, you are running into troubles with existing scripting due to script caching issues, make sure to try running the script with with –no-cache flag.

Thanks to Bernhard for all his hard work on this release!